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Why is a singing useful? (or About advantage of singing)

Psychologists are confident that the possibility of singing (professional and non-professional like karaoke) it is possible make the list with provisions of the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle. The secret of usefulness of the hobby as simple as possible – it gives tonus for our body, raises spirits, enriches the hormones of joy and brings […]

Tips for beginners singers

If you realize that you like to sing and want to evolve in this direction, you probably wondered: “Did I have the talent and ability in this occupation?” In fact, more importantly, whether a person has enough faith in the abilities, patience and persistence – because it is the constant work on singing technique makes […]


The vocals (or singing) is the most ancient musical art. The vocals is an art because the singer must not only repeat accurately a melody written by the composer, but also by voice to transfer all its nuances, character and mood, not everyone can do it. The human voice – is a musical instrument that […]