Tips for beginners singers

If you realize that you like to sing and want to evolve in this direction, you probably wondered: “Did I have the talent and ability in this occupation?” In fact, more importantly, whether a person has enough faith in the abilities, patience and persistence – because it is the constant work on singing technique makes you a singer, while the mere existence of abilities that are not being developed, come to nothing. The following tips will help you stay on the right path in the development of skills of singing.


  1. It is known that the skill is achieved through exercise, so you need to take time for regular exercise. How often should I do? We recommend two to three hours per week (for children under 11 years are preferred duration of training 30-45 minutes, depending on the individual capabilities of each child.) Vocal lessons – is, of course, not when you sing along one of your favorite song or hummed melody, do not go out of your head, doing household chores. Voice lessons – a process that requires attention and full commitment, during which you do exercises that improve the technique of singing and developing hearing and apply the acquired skills in the songs.
  2. The lesson should always begin with the exercises. Similarly, as a warm up before the sporting event protects the athlete from injuries, good vocal exercise protects the singer’s voice. If you are alone, without a teacher, best to do some breathing exercises and then “to hum” the entire range of voices. Then you can sing a few scales on the vowel “a”.
  3. Do not overdo it! When you start, practice often, but not too long. It takes time to become stronger muscles, and too long lessons can damage your voice.
  4. If you want to extend the range of voice, do it gradually, with exercises, rather than selecting too high or low song. This will only increase your chances of damage the voice.
  5. In no case do not shout – a shouting is the easiest way to damage the vocal cords! Much more important is not to strain the muscles of the body and face, than to try to give a lot of sound. Power of voice should be increased gradually.
  6. You can try to sing vocal exercises and even songs, lying on the floor. This will help you to feel, how to perch (lean) on the diaphragm correctly and to inhale in (into) the belly as well as to release from the restraint.
  7. In order to the muscles accustomed to working in a different way, you need not just a few lessons, so keep practicing and do not stop half-way, if something will not turn.

Learn to sing – it means to find your own voice, so do not overdo with copying of your favorite singers. Remember, regular classes with the vocal exercises which gradually increase your range, can create miracles. We hope that these tips will help you in improving the vocal technique.

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