The vocals (or singing) is the most ancient musical art. The vocals is an art because the singer must not only repeat accurately a melody written by the composer, but also by voice to transfer all its nuances, character and mood, not everyone can do it.

The human voice – is a musical instrument that is always with you. Its possibilities are truly immense. But in order to use them with one hundred percent to find a unique way of singing and captivate the audience, YOU need a training, which is best done by a qualified instructor. Our vocal coach will help you to master the voice, to reveal the beauty the voice sound, develop listening, musicality, feel confident on scene and sing for joy to yourself and the audience!

Voice training in our Crescendo Music Academy includes:

  • Basics of Vocal Art
  • A sturdy singing breath
  • The increase in voice range
  • Proper filing of sound
  • An accurate intonation
  • An artistry
  • As well as working with a microphone

And of course, the incredible positive energy of the lesson!

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