DSC01694!People of different ages and backgrounds are able to learn how to sing. One of the most important elements in the study of voice, breath control – a proper way of breathing, will become the initial focus during voice lessons. Along with breathing exercises, the instructor will introduce vocalizes (vocal exercises), and will work on other technical aspects of singing, such as singing on pitch, producing a healthy and unforced sound, sustaining a legato phrase, etc. Further, the instructor will introduce an appropriate repertoire, based on the student’s progress and development, to incorporate all the elements mentioned above. The goal of voice lessons is to gain the proper technique of singing, so that each individual will be able to sing to the best of his/her ability, any repertoire of their choice.

In addition, students are encouraged to learn not only academic (classical) singing style, but also folk and pop styles.  Also we attach great attention to training skills for singing with a microphone and plastic movements during the song on stage. Come and let us can help find your own individual style and manner of performance.

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