Why is a singing useful? (or About advantage of singing)

Psychologists are confident that the possibility of singing (professional and non-professional like karaoke) it is possible make the list with provisions of the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle. The secret of usefulness of the hobby as simple as possible – it gives tonus for our body, raises spirits, enriches the hormones of joy and brings pleasure.

Therefore, if you are suddenly seized with a desire to sing – in the shower, in the car or with friends at karaoke – obey it immediately. Besides the fact that this ancient art is a pleasure, it makes you feel better, relieves pain and even prolongs life. Not necessarily be a professional to get the benefits of singing.

Scientific researchers of Frankfurt University came to the conclusion that singing protects the upper respiratory tract against infections and stimulates the production of antibodies by the body.

Yoga teachers and physiotherapists use the techniques related to singing to relax your body because while singing a generation of endorphins occurs that can reduce stress, increase the protective functions of the body and reduce pain threshold.

“Singing brings into balance the autonomic nervous system, brings relaxation and tranquility,” – said Dr. Gertraud Berka-Schmid, psychotherapist, professor of Vienna University.

The professor believes that singing is a free self expression of personality and the behavior of parents which prohibit the child to sing because he forged or because their annoying noise, brings great harm. Listen, accept and absorb, and then be able to express and manifest – all these actions are vital for the development of the individual.

“In regard to the positive effects on health, singing is akin meditation and long walks,” – says Prof. Kreutz, program manager of research. Besides, people who regularly engage in singing, have to improve the supply of in oxygen that stimulates blood circulation and increases the tonus.

When a person is singing, it decreases the heart rate and blood pressure. Singing relieves stress and pain, so in New York hospitals with its help facilitate both psychological and physiological suffering of patients.

It is known that for the the Indian peoples the singing with the music and dancing was a way of life and has been used for healing.

As already noted, the singing improves the condition of patients with respiratory diseases, children with various forms of stuttering and patients who have had a stroke of apoplexy – with singing, they literally learn to talk again.

Singing is also effective in the various sleep disorders. According to Dr. Alberto Kuselman, the singing is a cure, home remedy, which for centuries mothers and grandmothers used to soothe a crying baby.

In order to get the most out of singing, to sing not only regularly, but also correctly. It is extremely important to learn how to direct sound right. And for that the sound should not retrieve from the throat, but with a diaphragm (the muscle that separates the chest from the abdomen). These exercises teach to breathe correctly and strengthen the respiratory system.

So sing as often as possible! Give yourself the health and good mood to yourself and others!

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